Money is a relationship.

Like with any friend, when your values align it brings you closer. When they don’t, you drift apart. This is no different with money; it behaves exactly how you treat it.

And you?

You are subconsciously pushing money away.

No matter what your income is, if you are not seeing the results you want it means there is tension between you and money.

You are resisting one or more of The Attitudes of Money.

And before you start yelling “But I’ve worked on this. I have an abundance mindset!”, just know that brilliant business brain of yours is selling you out.

Abundance is only one of the TEN attitudes you need to be paying attention to if you want more income, influence, and impact in your life.

Let’s change your results today.

If you want to flip the script on your money mindset and draw money to you instead of pushing it away — even if you are terrible with numbers and budgets — let’s go.

In the Attitudes of Money you will discover:

What the Attitudes are.

How money reflects each Attitude.

How each Attitude shows up in your life.

Which Attitude will increase your results.

Hi, I’m Joe — the Money Master.

On the surface, I help people increase their income. But what I really do is lead innovators and industry disruptors to create massive resources to fuel their influence, impact and empires.

How? I talk to money.

Even stranger, it talks back — and it has a lot to say.

My superpower is hearing in-between the words you use when you talk about money, to the real reasons why you don’t have more, why it’s hard for you to reach a certain revenue goal, or why money is holding you back.

And it’s not what you think.

Most of my clients have more than doubled their monthly revenues — like a knitwear designer who went from producing $5,000 in revenue each month to generating over $14,000 consistently or a VA educator who 7x’d her annual revenue in less than 2 years, jumping from $100,000 a year to over $700,000 — without discussing budgets, P&Ls, or other typical financial strategies.

Because your problem isn’t on paper; it’s in your money relationship.

All of my clients have seen incredible personal results — like a brand and marketing specialist who discovered more about himself and his leadership in 5 weeks with me than he had in the last 4-5 years. (His words.)

Want to change your results?

Change your Attitudes.

To your impact and legacy,

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